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Census of Population and Housing, 1980: Public Law 94-171 Population Counts, New York

Public Law 94-171, enacted in 1975, directs the United States Census Bureau to make special preparations to provide redistricting data needed by the 50 states. It specifies that within one year following the Census Day (i.e., for Census 2000 by April 1, 2001), the Census Bureau must send the governor and legislature in each state the data they need to redraw districts for the United States Congress and state legislatures. This file contains a count of the total population, as well as provisional figures for five racial categories (White; Black; American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut; Asian and Pacific Islander; and Other) and for persons of Spanish/Hispanic origin. The file provides summaries for the State, counties, minor civil districts (MCD's) or census county divisions (CCD's), incorporated places or place segments within MCD's/CCD's and remainders of MCD's/CCD's, election precincts in certain States or portions of certain States, census tracts or block numbering areas, block groups and blocks, or enumeration districts in unblocked areas.

Principal Investigator:  U.S. Census Bureau
Producer:  Washington, DC : The Bureau
Distributor:  Albany, NY : State Data Center Program
DOI:  10.6077/j5/rof4l0

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Study Year(s):  1980
Codebook:  CEN1980-017

This study includes files enhanced by Cornell researchers and/or staff.

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