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Attractive Names Sustain Increased Vegetable Intake in Schools

The October 2012 issue of Preventive Medicine contained an article titled "Attractive Names Sustain Increased Vegetable Intake in Schools," (Preventive Med 2012; 55:4, 330-332).

A Corrigendum to the original article was published in Preventive Medicine 107:February 2018, 114-115. The files in this dataset reproduce the data analysis in the Corrigendum.

The original paper was retracted in Preventive Medicine 110:May 2018, p.116. See the publications listing attached to this dataset for full citations.

PI Statement: Some of the data in Table 1 were incorrect, and more detail should have been provided in the methodology. The corrections and clarifications are detailed in the publication. They do not change the conclusion of the paper. The authors regret these errors.

Principal Investigator:  Wansink, Brian, David R. Just, Collin R. Payne, and Matthew Z. Klinger (2018)
Producer:  Preventive Medicine 2018; V107: 114-115

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Study Year(s):  2008
Codebook:  R2E-WANSINK-2018

This study includes files created by Cornell researchers and/or staff.

The files in reproduction materials include data and code meant to reproduce the results reported in the particular publication referenced.

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Documentation    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\Study_1_X-ray_vision_carrots_Comparison_Output_File.pdf  174 KB  / 159 KB 
Documentation    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\Erratum_PM_X-Ray_Carrots_Attractive_Names.docx  22 KB  / 20 KB 
SPSS Dataset    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\Study_1_X-Ray_vision_carrots_Data.sav  39 KB  / 9 KB 
SPSS Program    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\Study_1_X-Ray_vision_carrots_Script.sps  7 KB  / 2 KB 
Documentation    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\Study_2_Naming_Comparison_Output_File.pdf  67 KB  / 56 KB 
Stata Data File    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\Study_2_Naming_Data.dta  1 MB  / 134 KB 
Stata Program    V:\r2e\WANSINK-2018\  4 KB  / 2 KB 

Original paper: Wansink, "RETRACTED: Attractive names sustain increased vegetable intake in schools," Preventive Medicine 55:4, 330-332

Corrigendum: Wansink, "Corrigendum to “Attractive names sustain increased vegetable intake in schools” [Prev. Med. 55 (4) (2012) 330-332]," Preventive Medicine 107:February 2018, 114-115

Retraction: Wansink, "Retraction notice to "Attractive Names Sustain Increased Vegetable Intake in Schools" [Prev. Med. 55/4 (2012) 330-332]," Preventive Medicine 110:May 2018, p.116